The Hair of the Dog

Mimosas, bamboo, kilim pillows, oh my! Sometimes you just need to spend the morning with your friends sitting in bamboo chairs in the middle of the sidewalk drinking mimosas (and perhaps ordering chipotle). TGIF, my peoples. Enjoy a mimosa or three, for good times sake.

photos by Maddie Lismore

Veda jacket
Topshop jeans
Nike kicks 
Aritzia top
Vintage pillow
Target (win!) chair
Fresh Tangerine, vintage, and Catbird rings

Goodbye my LOOOOVE

I'm just not QUITE ready for summer to end. I love Fall, but the idea of waiting an entire year for Summer again makes my stomach drop. But, at least I have my pumpkin spice back - no shame in my love for that P-Spice latte - mmm mmm good. With that, I figured I'd soak up the last of this Summer weather that we're still experiencing here in the PNW with my favorite summer pieces. A last hurrah, one might say. Peep it:

Callahan sweater 
Aritzia tee
Rue Stiic shorts
Janessa Leone hat
Ancient Greek sandals 
Aritzia purse
Fresh Tangerine, Catbird, & vintage rings

The Party Babe Club

How it's already mid August is beyond my comprehension... it really is. HOW?

Remember in grade school when we would count down the days before summer as if it was Christmas day because those three months really felt like an entire year. An entire summer with NO school? Heaven. And time just went by so much slower.. and I'm pretty sure time will continue to speed up with each year going forward. It's actually rude.
My childhood was filled with the best summer memories because we spent most of our weekends down on South Puget Sound at what my family and I call The Beach. Up until age 12 it's great, we played kick the can, went tubing, clammed, jumped and camped on the trampoline, and started clubs like, oh I don't know, The Party Babe Club? That's right, The Party Babe Club. A radicool club that consisted of six girls all under the age of eight. Party babes crushed mac n cheese, ate candy from the marina, and apparently "saw everythinnnng". At least, that's what the Party Babe Book told me that I found under one of our bunkbeds when I was 18. That paper "book" had a cover on it with a huge eye beautifully crafted in crayon with a title that said Party Babe Club. WE SEE EVERYTHING. Oh boy did we see everything. Everything as in three polaroids.
polaroid one: Louis the dogg eating grass
polaroid two: Mom moeing the lon
polaroid three: Dad, pisst off at mom

You adults couldn't get anything past the Party Babe Club....

I've recently reached the age where I now want to go back to The Beach all the time, and the end of summer means another summer ended at The Beach. It's grown to be my adult happy place. The place where you walk around in your dirty sandals and a swimsuit and forget that school, I mean work, is just around the corner. Peep my happy place, also known as founder of The Party Babe Club, The Beach:
Photos by Maddie Lismore

All Saints button up - same shirt in a similar print here
Marc Jacobs top
Rue Stiic shorts - similar pair found here
Krewe du Optic shades
Free People sandals


Considering I woke up Monday with a fever, and on Wednesday thinking it was a Saturday, I'm happy to Thank God it's Friday. Oh Friday, my darling, it's nice to see you again. I've missed you this past week... you 'ol dog you ;-)

*Side note to dudes: avoid texting winks to a chick you're vibing on. It's just kinda creepy. You're welcome.

To celebrate my love for Friday I bring a big smile and a really comfortable outfit. I pretty much haven't taken this situation off since I bought it, and I'm okay with that. The hat allows for extra days without the washing of thy hair, and the onesy is like straight PJs. BOMB. Peep it:

Lacausa romper
Janessa Leone hat
Aritzia tapestry clutch
Fresh Tangerine and Catbird rings

Shaka to me Baby

When my friend Kayla told me that hawaiian flowers and palm leaves were coming back in style two years ago I told her she was trippin and should legitimately check herself. Immediately. Bright colorful flowers in the middle of this minimal movement? What are we, throwin up the shaka sign too? Needless to say, with the ever popular palm spring steez in full force, I'm definitely eating my words now. Not gonna lie, I haven't exactly jumped onto the tropical hawaiian floral game, but I am so obsessed with palm leaves it's actually not even normal. In fact, I'm getting our bedroom hung with palm leaf wallpaper in a couple weeks and I'm so excited I could probably pee my pants. My obsession is just mildly apparent in my apparel these days since you'll typically find me wearing this top, shorts, or both together, at least four days out of the week. Summer go-to has officially been found. Kayla, you're a style guru, and it's no wonder Pipe + Row continues to drop it like it's hot. Peep it:
Photos by Maddie Lismore
Chloe Oliver top & bottom
Aritzia bag
Krewe Du Optic shades
Rachel Comey mules
Fresh Tangerine, Catbird NYC & vintage rings.

Big Sureal

It's officially wedding season, and we started it off with a bang in Big Sur a couple weeks ago. I love Northern California and I question moving there every time I visit my sister in San Francisco. Jelly. Getting to Big Sur has been described as a pain but the drive is so bomb that it doesn't feel inconvenient and it's nice putting a fat check on the big 'ol bucket list. My friends that tied the knot somehow managed to throw a Brangelina wedding with leather poufs, paper umbrellas, mexican blankets, vintage magazine worthy tabletop settings, and I could keep talking, but essentially it was a magical land of bliss that people dream of. I felt so honored to be included and per yooz I cried at the ceremony, it was so perfect. To anyone that's able to hold back those tears, what is your secret?
I think my favorite part of this particular wedding is that seriously a month, maybe a month and a half prior, they didn't even know where they were going to get married, let alone the logistics. HOWWW did they pull off what may be the coolest party I'll ever go to, I'm not sure. She's a genie in a bottle and someone let her out is my only explanation. To add to its coolness, they chose a garden attire theme and I accidentally matched my comfy romper with the ocean, so I felt like I did something right, oh heyyy.

It's gonna be an insanely hard one to top, peeps, but bring it. #weddingseason
iphone photography by me & the boy

Stone Cold Fox romper
Rachel Comey mules in blush - similar color found here
Krewe du optic shades
Aritzia blush purse